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February 21st, 2018
APS Properties

Glenwood Hargrave Longyear Houses/Duplexes Storage


Wondering if APS Properties is the right place for you? Don't take our word for it see what actual tenants have to say about us!

Smoke free
I REALLY appreciate the smoke free policy. - Megyn
Personal service
The personal service from the maintenance people is great. No waiting to get something fixed! - Kristie
Love the free internet
The free internet simplifies my life. I can even make my online payments right from my apartment. - Kevin
Free internet!
Wow - Free Internet! I can't even believe it. That's the main reason I rented with APS.
Best price, best quality
We found the apartment on the web. The apartment building is well kept & has lots of light. We love the fact that there are two bathrooms with huge rooms with lots of space. This is the best price and best quality... Erin/Kim
One bedroom best size for the price.
I looked at a lot of aparments before I deceided to go with APS. By far, the one bedroom apartments are the best size for the price... Justin
Fairly quiet and peaceful
It's been great living here and I plan on telling others that it is a great place to rent.I appreciate that it has been fairly quiet and peaceful... Josh
Thank you for making life easy, affordable and convenient.
Although I will not be renewing my lease due to graduation, I'd like to thank you for making life easy, affordable, and convenient for so many college students. It's a great help... Chelsea
Because all utilities are included in the rent, it is easy to budget.
Because all utilities are included in the rent, it is easy to budget and I know my costs...Cassie
Because all tenants are students, seemed like a perfect place to live.
The fact that all tenants are students seemed like a perfect place to live. I really like the duplex type setup at Hargrave and the rooms are big.... Tim
The apartment buildings are clean and conveniently located.
We picked APS Properties because the apartment buildings are clean,well kept, and ALL are conveniently located. Jeff was very friendly and easy to work with.... Jenna & Lindsy
For a college student you can't beat the price!
For a college student, you can't beat the price for the location that APS offers. Being from out of state, the ability to see a floor plan and virtually "visit" an APS apartment online sold me instantly. Working with the helpful, quick, and courteous staff has been a welcomed pleasure. Thanks again... Alex
Clean, low rent, nice location, and easy to get a hold of
APS Properties was a great place for me to rent from because it was close to NMU and rent was within my limits. I was able to get a hold of the managment anytime I needed and they were able to answer all of my questions. The new website made it easy to get any of the information that I needed plus I was able to pay my rent online anytime.
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