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January 18th, 2018
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Owner's Corner

Our Commitment


I�m Jeff, Owner of APS Properties. Thanks you for your interest in our properties and I sincerely hope that you are able to find answers to all of your questions on our fantastic website. If you would like any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly either using email: or phone 906-249-2222.

Our tenants don�t just occupy apartments. Each tenant is a highly valued member of the APS community, dating back to 1977. As owner, I am committed to continuing this long tradition of personal service. It is important for us to live up to our name. That is why APS stands for Always Personal Service.

Our entire staff is committed to servicing our tenants on a personal level. Whether it is adjusting the heat so you are warm and cozy, fixing a drippy faucet, or plowing our parking lots during a blustery winter night, our staff is available to assist you! When you have questions, our office staff is here to answer your phone calls or respond to your email. Problems with your free wireless internet? Our webmaster is ready with valuable troubleshooting expertise. Questions about a bill or payment? Our professional bookkeeping department makes sure that your account is 100% accurate. And, as owner of APS Properties, I make sure that each tenant is appreciated and valued by our entire staff.

We are also committed to providing our tenants with the ultimate in convenience. We know that you do not want to worry about your housing needs. APS Properties works very hard to ensure that your housing needs are met and exceeded. Our #1 priority is you!

Our great locations put you steps away from campus and walking distance to many NMU off campus facilities. The fact that most all utilities are included in the rent, and you receive FREE wireless internet, makes budgeting easy and convenient. There are no surprises when it comes to your cost.

Convenience and Service and location set us apart from all other apartment companies! And remember: "NMU - We cater to U!" Please check out the other sections of "Owner�s Corner" and enjoy our website. We appreciate your interest in APS Properties and remember, do not hesitate to contact me!

Jeff, Owner

APS Innovation

APS is a proven leader in apartment renting for NMU students. Just a couple of examples: We are the only apartment company to provide FREE wireless internet to each and every apartment and house. All tenants can email, surf the web, stream audio and video, and even pay bills online, right from their apartment.

Our webmaster has developed a one of a kind highly sophisticated secure database. Therefore, we are the first and only apartment company to provide each tenant with their own private and secure personal account. Using a unique username and password, each and every APS tenant has the convenience of making secure online rental payments. In addition, tenants can track their entire rental account, do rental applications and deposits, update and complete their lease, register their car, and communicate directly to the staff and or Jeff. All of this is done right from each tenant�s apartment, using our Free wireless internet. Amazing!

A healthy environment is important to tenants. So when 90% of tenants surveyed said they preferred a smoke free environment, we listened! Our award winning 100% smoke free environment is the only apartment company in the Marquette area with this designation. APS is also the only apartment company to receive a distinguished award certificate from the Marquette County Health Department recognizing APS�s leadership in promoting a smoke free environment resulting in healthy lifestyles.

We are proud of our innovative leadership!

Your Rights

We believe strongly that each and every tenant has the right to a peaceful and comfortable living environment. You pay for this comfort and our service with your hard earned money. These are YOUR rights and APS has a responsibility to deliver! Specifically, you have the right to have:

  • Your communication responded to in a timely manner
  • An apartment that is clean, free of repairs and meets all city and state ordinances
  • Repairs conducted when reported
  • A quiet environment in terms of not being subjected to excessive noise
  • Parking for each registered vehicle with an APS tag
  • Most importantly, you have the right to be treated with RESPECT!
  • The links below provide helpful information for tenants and landlords.

  • Tenants and Landlords, a Practical Guide (PDF)
  • Sample Roommate Agreement (PDF)
  • Sample Sublease Agreement (PDF)
  • Off-campus Living Guide (PDF)
  • Quick reference: Off Campus Living (PowerPoint)
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